Cookie Bytes

Cookie Bytes is your guide to creating an amazing Cookie Program experience for Girl Scouts. During cookie season, you’ll find tips, important reminders, key dates, forms, and more right here.

  • Jan. 20 | Cookie Bytes

    Key dates:

    • Jan.-Feb. – Secure your booth sale opportunities—check with your service unit cookie manager first.
    • Monday, Jan. 31 – Troop initial order is due in eBudde by 11:59 p.m.
    • Feb. 16-24 – Cookie delivery

    Digital Cookie Platform Update
    Thank you for your continued patience. Girl Scouts of the USA is working to rectify the issues the site has been experiencing. 

    This is what we know:

    • Order Approval – The five-day expiration window for parents to approve girl-delivered orders has been paused.
    • Initial Order Flag – The flag noting if the order was placed on the troop’s initial order in eBudde is sometimes missing. However, these cookies appear in eBudde on the initial order. Check the eBudde Initial Order tab to confirm. This may cause your dashboard numbers not to match.
    • Phantom Orders – The parent may receive an email notification to approve an order but the order doesn’t show in Digital Cookie to approve. These are not valid orders. There isn’t any customer data and no payment was “captured.” GSUSA is working to resolve this issue.
    • Duplicate orders – This issue was resolved when the platform stabilized, but GSUSA’s cookie care team is continuing to work through a list of these orders now.
    • 100% donated orders – The payment for orders that are entirely donated stopped showing up in eBudde on January 12. Please note that these orders are not lost. They are temporarily being held in processing. While customers will not have a confirmation email thanking them for their order until these orders finish processing, they will see this as a pending charge on their credit card statements. You will not see these orders in eBudde until the payment is processed.

    Other items to note:

    • This year, caregivers cannot enter in their paper orders to populate the Digital Cookie dashboard progress bar.  Instead, leaders can and should use the new “Inv” (Inventory) column on the Girls tab in eBudde. See below for more on the ‘Inv’ column. 
    • The customer-facing goal tracker bar graphic only tracks Digital Cookie orders.  (That’s the one at the top right of your screen!) 

    Initial Order Pause
    Digital Cookie orders (shipped, donated, and girl-delivered) will pause when the troop’s initial order has been submitted. If a troop doesn’t submit their order, it will be paused automatically sometime on Wednesday, Feb. 2 for council to submit all orders to the bakery. Once council submits these orders, Digital Cookie will un-pause.

    Caution: If the service unit and/or troop’s initial order is un-submitted to make corrections, Digital Cookie Girl Delivery orders will flow into eBudde until the troop’s initial order is re-submitted. The initial order is placed in boxes/packages and eBudde will automatically round up to the nearest
    cookie case for all varieties. Therefore, don’t ‘round up’ cookies ordered on the booth line. Let eBudde do the ‘rounding up’ for you.

    Remember:  After the initial order has been submitted, all additional Digital Cookie girl-delivery orders must be fulfilled using the troop’s cookie inventory. eBudde does not automatically assign cookies for delivered orders to the girl. You or the troop cookie manager must allot these additional cookies to the girl on the Girl Orders tab—just like you would for an additional paper order.

    Troop Link
    The Digital Cookie troop link was conceived as a resource for troops to use if they are having a virtual booth sale and for customers to purchase cookies using GSUSA’s Cookie Finder. Troops links won’t be live until early February, allowing girls to first ask their friends and families using their own links. However, you can set up the troop link now so your troop is ready! Check out this Tip Sheet for guidance.

    The GSUSA Cookie Finder goes live February 18—National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! The Cookie Finder will feature troop links on a rotating basis.  Troop links featured on the Cookie Finder are only for shipped and donated packages, so your troop can just sit back and let the orders come in!

    Booth Scheduler

    On Jan. 13, council-arranged sites on the eBudde Booth Scheduler opened for troop sign-up. On Jan. 20 at 7 p.m., your troop can select one additional time slot (two total time slots including any you may have already signed up for).

    DoorDash spots are available on the Booth Scheduler! As a bonus, your troop will also benefit from any walk-in sales. Create a sign to draw in drive-by customers. Cookies for DoorDash and walk-in customers are provided by council.

    Cookie Cupboards officially open on Feb. 25 and will remain open through March 20. 

    Once the cupboards are open to accept pending orders, you can get a list of active cookie cupboards in eBudde—either on the Reports tab, Cupboards report or on the cupboard map on your troop’s Dashboard.  

    Volunteer Cupboards

    Yes, many of our awesome volunteer-run cookie cupboards are returning, and we even have a few new ones! We’re still finalizing the locations, but we’ll get them into eBudde soon. Let’s all give a big thanks to our fantastic volunteer cupboard managers!

    Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania Office Cupboards

    Yes, there will be cookie cupboards in all our council offices. However, due to the current guidelines and safety of our staff, office cupboard hours will be limited, and you must sign up for a specific time slot. Please be sure to keep your reservation. 

    Initial Order – Booth Sale Cookies

    If you know your troop is having a booth sale, we strongly encourage you to order some booth sale cookies with your initial order. This will help ensure you have the varieties you want and alleviate demand on cookie cupboards.

    Ordering packages for booth sales isn’t an exact science. Sales will vary depending on location, day of the week, and time of day. Ask troops in your area on their experiences to get an idea of how many you should order.

     *NEW*  “Inv” Column in eBudde

    Caregivers can now see additional paper order inventory in Digital Cookie ONLY IF the leader/cookie manager checks the “Inv” box on the eBudde Girl Orders tab.

    If you check this box, the information on that line will be sent to Digital Cookie to help the caregiver know that more cookies have been given to them OR payments have been received from them for paper orders.

    So, when do you check this box? You check the box only if it is for additional cookies being given to the girl from the troop’s inventory to fulfil paper orders and for payments received by the troop. 

    You do not check this box for booth packages/payments as those cookies are just for reward credit for the girl and are not physical packages that the girl is given and responsible for. You also do not check the box for packages given to fulfill online orders as those orders are already recorded in the Digital Cookie system. If you accidently check the box, you can uncheck it at any time. The information will be sent to Digital Cookie as it is entered so it is visible to the parent in real time.


    You can’t see the initial recognitions or enter your girls’ T-shirt sizes yet, but the rewards will be uploaded into eBudde before the initial order submission.

    If you were unable to attend the council’s Troop Cookie Manager Training on Dec. 7 or Dec. 8 or want a refresher, the training was recorded and will give you a general overview of the cookie program. You will still need to connect with your service unit cookie manager for service-unit specific information.

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